Hello everyone!

It feels good to finally find time to write and connect with you all again! This has been a very busy and eventful week​ for me. Most of you must have had a busy one too. Sure, I had some new experiences and learnt new stuff but we all do need some leisure time – time just for us!

I haven’t been able to write a lot or even do anything apart from work. I have missed my ‘me’ time as well which is why, this week, when I have been called to work on a Sunday as well, it really made my mood fly out of the window!

Working on a Sunday is just sad which is how I am feeling right now. It’s just like dark clouds have rushed and covered the bright and cheerful skies and washed away my idea of a happy weekend!

But that’s when I decided to think about this in another way. Being a writer for a blog on successful living, I simply had to, didn’t I? I decided to be grateful for the fact that I had a job. The world has many people in it who are restlessly seeking employment opportunities, I was once one of them too. So now, when I have one, shouldn’t​ I practice gratitude for it? 

This very incident has inspired me to write today’s blog post! Can you think about the many useful and essential things each of us already has? Have we expressed our gratitude for each and every one of them? Let’s​ just name a few which each one of us is blessed with;

  1. The air we breathe in – It’s free and our very life is dependent on it and we all have it around us! But do we thank air? I think we should at least appreciate its presence.
  2. Food – The world has too many people who go to sleep hungry every single day. Practice gratitude for the food you are served.
  3. Shelter – Be aware of the roof over your head. Be a little more grateful if you own it!
  4. Water – The clear liquid which has too many roles to count in our lives. Have access to it? You are blessed.
  5. Education – A very important journey that can take you places. Be grateful because not everyone gets the means to study.
  6. Employment – Something that gives you an opportunity to trade your skills for money which can buy you independence! Be thankful for your job!
  7. Electricity – We all use electronic devices and currently you all are reading this blog which is possible only because of the device in front of you! Not everyone has access to such devices and technology.
  8. Happy moments – Be it a small happy second to a large happy event, remember that there was someone in the world who wished to have a reason to smile today!
  9. Loving people – Surrounded by people who love you, wish the best for you and prioritize you? Be grateful for their presence in your life and give them a call today!
  10. A purpose to live life – Whether it is to be successful in your endeavors, to achieve peace of mind or to maintain a beautiful home, having a purpose to live life is a gift. Embrace it and be grateful for it.

        To name a few, all of us have these lovely things which add meaning to our lives. Be thankful for their presence and make a promise to your own self to be grateful for all that you receive in this life – Be it good or bad, as good things are often masked as bad ones! 

        Learn to live life and to observe it through rose-tinted glasses! 😊

        Wish you a happy weekend! Love, Pooja.

        Hello again!

        Since I have decided to write quite a lot about being happy and have made it my little pet project, here comes another blog!

        I have often wondered over how many of us feel like we could go back to our childhood and re-live all those days again – almost every person wishes to. Childhood and it’s innocence enchants all. Ever wondered why?

        Even if people might judge you sometimes, I say that we should all keep that happy child alive within us. Here’s why;

        • Because it is during our childhood that we listened to our hearts. Every action was made by being true to our heart’s desires. Although it is true that we as adults cannot sometimes do everything that we want to, we can still take out some time out of our busy schedules to do something that we all love!
        • As children we were never introduced to the process of over thinking! As we grow older, we tend to fret over small stuff a lot and waste a lot of our time and energy over it.
        • Children look at the world with awe and wonder and never let any bad experiences stop them from looking at the world as something magical, always ready to provide them with all that they desire, whenever they ask for it!

        So what, as we grow, makes us stop doing all these things? Amidst all our daily problems and responsibilities, we forget to appreciate little moments of joy, which we did as children. My sole purpose to delve into our childhood is to make you all realise the pure joy and happiness we have all experienced as children.

        Wish to bring that childlike awe to your life? There is no perfect way to do so but the ideas listed below can work just as well to bring some moments of childhood happiness back to your life..

        • Listen to your heart as it knows your calling!
        • Accept that life is not perfect and the most you can do is give your best to your job at hand. Stop over thinking and fussing over trivial matters as it leads to nothing but a feeling of unease.
        • Find time, at least a half hour, to do something that you love daily. You will find yourself in a better and happier mental state.
        • Irrespective of whatever happens in your life, never lose hope. Never forget to look at life through rose-tinted glasses! Believe that the world is magical and it will be a magical one for you!
        • Talk to children. Simply being with them can uplift your mood like nothing else can.
        • Go through your lovely childhood photos and memories and re-live them.

        Life is a gift which is meant to be enjoyed. It’s happy moments are the ones that one tends to remember and reminisce about the most! Do something that makes your heart dance today which your future self will thank you for and remember to keep that child inside you, alive and happy! 😊


        I have noticed that many bloggers share a post which involves letting everyone else know a few random things about them and their calling. I gave this idea a thought and actually wondered over why and what might make everyone read one if I published something similar on myself too. After all you shoot know a bit about whose posts you are reading. So after some thought, I decided to give it a try! Here goes;

        1. I am the one and only child at my home & I haven’t faced any sibling fights and rivalries!
        2. My mom is my life’s treasure!
        3. I have a Master’s degree in Biotechnology.
        4. Baked goods are the love of my life.
        5. I am passionate about reading & can sit for hours doing so without a break! In fact I prefer to keep at it.
        6. I like working at my own pace, at leisure without deadlines. Although I am very good at keeping them!
        7. I own two beautiful goldfish & they bring sunshine to my life! I love talking with them! 🐠🐠
        8. Have been called nerdy many times and love quizzes which challenge my brain.
        9. I simply love chocolate, especially melted chocolate.
        10. Small baby feet & hands are a wonder of nature which I find very attractive. They never fail to uplift my mood!
        11. Know someone who loves all colours? Well, I love them all too!
        12. In love with pastels, roses & all things girly!
        13. Being an Aries-Pisces cuspian, I can be unpredictable sometimes.
        14. I like making people laugh, smile & feel good about themselves.
        15. Rain, nature & music calms my soul.
        16. My ideal day would be one at home. Especially a rainy one complete with some fun books, cake & hot chocolate!
        17. I love binge watching tv and can turn into a classic couch potato as well!
        18. Love to take emotional well-being & happiness seriously which is what led me to starting my first very own website!

        Listing down all these just made me realise that there are a lot of things which can make us happy, however small.

        I urge you to enjoy them & be thankful for possessing all the things that you have now & which make you ‘you’! I encourage you to write down a bit about you as well as it is a great exercise! Cherish every little blessing in your life! 😊