Hope you are having a great day. 

Today I am going to write a bit about my blogging journey so far. I recently completed a month of blogging here at WordPress. I had been thinking about starting my very own blog for quite some time but actually got around to starting one last month. 

Although it might seem a bit too early for me to write a post on my blogging experience, I wanted to share what this month taught me with you all. Blogging has taught me that every small reason, every new experience counts. Which is why I thought that I should absolutely write about this.

I must say that blogging is becoming an entirely different, creative and learning experience altogether for me. So this is what I learnt from my first month of blogging –

  1. Blogging is no less than a soul searching experience – The very process of deciding what to write on, writing the actual blog post, thinking over ways to make it better etc. all made me look deeper into what I already knew as a person. I am sure that the journey is only going to get more deeper and enriching as I go along.
  2. Jumping right into blogging gives one lasting lessons – I realised that I learnt a lot more by blogging on my blog than I would ever have from blogging tips, advice and so on. Not that I don’t appreciate them, I truly do but as we all know it, experience is the best teacher!
  3. One gets better at writing as and when he or she writes – As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. I am far from perfection but I can see a noticeable difference in my writing and thinking when it comes to gathering my thoughts and typing them out on to the screen.
  4. It encourages one to broaden their interests – Let’s put it across this way – I notice a post on a topic which normally does not interest me. Now that my fellow blogger has written something on that topic along with a compelling title, it seems to capture my interest and makes me curious. This is why I end up reading it. Since I started blogging I have read a lot more than I normally would and have explored many new interests!
  5. Every tiny thing can act as an inspiration – I think every blogger can relate to this one. I personally have started stumbling upon inspiration from day to day events and activities.
  6. There are lots of supportive bloggers out here – From appreciating and welcoming newbies to liking their posts, interacting with them and helping them out, I have come across so many supportive bloggers out here. Thank you to you all!
  7. It helps connect one to people like oneself – This one is a huge plus point. Blogging helps one connect and look through the blogs of people who are already better at what one wants to achieve. The possibilities of this are endless. 

    All that I have learnt along the way cannot be put down into words. I still have so many things to list down but I guess I will stop for now and maybe write a bit more about them all later.

    Readers, what else did you come across on your early blogging journey? Do let me in on those through the comments!

    Have a positive day. Love, Pooja.