Gratitude challenge – Day 8. Self-love! 🙌💆

Gratitude challenge – Day 8. Self-love! 🙌💆
Self-love is so important as only when we love ourselves for what we are, we can really enjoy living the life we are gifted with and function to our fullest potential. Here are some ways in which you can practice self-love and nurture your own being;
1. Devote some time only for yourself during the day.
2. Practice meditation.
3. Do atleast 3 things that you love to do, each day.
4. Avoid people who create drama and tell you what you are and who you are.
5. Stop comparing yourself to others.
6. Have bed tea, relax, listen to good music and read a good book.
7. Don’t beat yourself up for your old mistakes.
8. Disconnect to connect with yourself.
9. Distress before you go to bed.
10. Nurture your strengths and improve on your faults.
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