Gratitude challenge – Day 6. Kindness! 💞

Gratitude challenge – Day 6. Kindness!💞

Kindness is such an underrated activity. In today’s world, full of distractions, it is so easy to get lost, to lose track of how we treat someone. Never be the cause behind someone’s pain. If you are suffering, remember that you are not alone and that the person next to you might be suffering too. Whenever possible, be kind with your actions and your words as they may make or break someone’s day or even life! It doesn’t even cost much to be kind, that stuff is free! Today’s prompt reminds us to embrace kindness. Being kind should definitely become the new cool! 🙌
It seriously feels great to be kind and to receive kindness as I have from so many people this year. I am thankful to them for adding in a cloud with a silver living to my life!
Highlighting this quote by Maya Angelou which inspires us to sprinkle the people around us with kindness!
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