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Your checklist to a happier Monday!

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It’s a magical monday today! The first day to welcome us all to a week full of new possibilities!

Monday is the day most people dread and require motivation to trudge along on. In reality, monday is just like any other new day. In fact it is one which provides us all with a chance to a fresh start and to begin with a clean slate.

This monday fill in your slate with motivation and happiness. Make your monday a happy one by referring to this monday checklist –

1. Get up – Only when you get up can you show up and once you do that, you will realise that this is all you ever needed to jump right into a happy and eventful week! Showing up makes you win half the battle. Getting up a bit earlier than your schedule demands you to, will help you relax through monday.

2. Grab that coffee – Not that difficult right? In case you prefer tea, do that. The power and magic contained within a cup of your favourite beverage cannot be overstated! It helps get you charged up for the day!

3. Make a brief to do list – This is for the anxious ones out there who can feel a little out-of-place without one. If making lists works for you, chart out a plan for the day and list down the things you wish to get accomplished today. This will help you organise your activities and will lead to a happier and less stressful you!

4. A healthy breakfast – Having a healthy breakfast gives you the energy to kick-start your day! It is the most important meal of the day and research had proved that certain foods can affect your mood and emotions which gives us enough reason to seriously concentrate on this activity!

5. Practice affirmations – Very important! Have an idea about how you want your monday to turn out? State the reasons out to yourself as affirmations. Affirmations have a lot of power and can fill your day with good vibes!

6. Pray – Believe in the existence of supreme power greater than you are? Call it God, call it nature or anything you believe in. Praying and having faith in this power can help you feel blessed and at peace and will make your monday mindful and happy!

7. Hold an attitude to gratitude – Be thankful for all the small yet lovely things that you come across throughout the day!

Follow it through and you will realise that this checklist is all you need for a great start to your monday! Do add in your comments if you feel like I have left out on something!

Wish you a lovely Monday filled with happiness.

Love, Pooja.

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