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I have noticed that many bloggers share a post which involves letting everyone else know a few random things about them and their calling. I gave this idea a thought and actually wondered over why and what might make everyone read one if I published something similar on myself too. After all you shoot know a bit about whose posts you are reading. So after some thought, I decided to give it a try! Here goes;

  1. I am the one and only child at my home & I haven’t faced any sibling fights and rivalries!
  2. My mom is my life’s treasure!
  3. I have a Master’s degree in Biotechnology.
  4. Baked goods are the love of my life.
  5. I am passionate about reading & can sit for hours doing so without a break! In fact I prefer to keep at it.
  6. I like working at my own pace, at leisure without deadlines. Although I am very good at keeping them!
  7. I own two beautiful goldfish & they bring sunshine to my life! I love talking with them! 🐠🐠
  8. Have been called nerdy many times and love quizzes which challenge my brain.
  9. I simply love chocolate, especially melted chocolate.
  10. Small baby feet & hands are a wonder of nature which I find very attractive. They never fail to uplift my mood!
  11. Know someone who loves all colours? Well, I love them all too!
  12. In love with pastels, roses & all things girly!
  13. Being an Aries-Pisces cuspian, I can be unpredictable sometimes.
  14. I like making people laugh, smile & feel good about themselves.
  15. Rain, nature & music calms my soul.
  16. My ideal day would be one at home. Especially a rainy one complete with some fun books, cake & hot chocolate!
  17. I love binge watching tv and can turn into a classic couch potato as well!
  18. Love to take emotional well-being & happiness seriously which is what led me to starting my first very own website!

Listing down all these just made me realise that there are a lot of things which can make us happy, however small.

I urge you to enjoy them & be thankful for possessing all the things that you have now & which make you ‘you’! I encourage you to write down a bit about you as well as it is a great exercise! Cherish every little blessing in your life! 😊

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