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Have you read countless books, blogs and articles based on achieving happiness? Did it ever seem like staying happy is impossible? You’re not alone. I too struggle everyday to keep up with the current ‘happiness & at peace’ trend! Quite normal as we all have our good & bad days & Hey! We are entitled to feeling all kinds of emotions. After all, we are only human! In fact, this search for a happy state of mind is what made me start this blog.

Having a busy and eventful life till date is what made realise the importance of being truly happy! With this blog, I plan to post regularly (as regularly as my work allows me to!) on everyday stuff that can make us happy or bring a smile to our faces! After all, there is a lot of extraordinary in the ordinary! Happiness always multiplies when shared & this is why I thought of sharing a part of it with you all!

My name is Pooja and with this blog I plan to start my journey on looking at life through rose tinted glasses! Since life is made up of small yet happy moments, isn’t it?

Do check this space!

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